Digital Foundations & Design System

Digital Foundations & Design System

Key Values for a Design System The importance of brand in system design by building digital brand guidelines to design systems upon the companies solid foundations.



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Design systems bring order and consistency to products and services. They help to protect the brand, elevate the user experience, and increase the speed and efficiency of how we push products and services.

They are a source of truth and a system of record for our decisions as a company. They hold us to high standards, keep teams on the same page, and help to onboard new team members. They document the why, when, where, and how.

The importance of a design system

Efficiency and speed

Design systems allow us to work faster and more efficiently. They streamline the process — decreasing the amount of time it takes to design, build, and ship new websites, products, and features across the brand touch points. Ultimately saving the business time and money.

Creating stronger brands

Design systems help weave brand identity throughout a product in a consistent and maintainable way. Brands plays a crucial role in design systems. By thinking and designing the brand holistically across products opposed to viewing individual solutions we could propose the products and services as add-ons to the companies overall brand value proposition.

Speaking the same language

Design systems help our teams communicate more clearly by establishing naming conventions and consistency across the products and services.

Consistency and user experience

Design systems help us design and build on-brand offline and online. Rather than working with a variety of styles and slightly differing approaches, teams are able to follow guidelines and stay consistent fostering trust in users in turn increasing conversion and retention.


Access to design elements such as logos, Icons, Typography in a master library for internal & external use such as vendors and third-parties who have interests with the company.

Source of truth

Design systems and documentation are a source of truth for the whole team. A well designed, implemented, and maintained design system sets high standards for your product and your processes. Everyone becomes accountable for upholding these standards.

Design systems bring structure, accountability, and order. You need to find a way to create — and effectively and openly communicate — common, shared design guidelines, so everyone works in the same direction with the company as well as third parties.

A successful design system liberates your team from reinventing the wheel. It allows you to focus on what really matters: learning and improving the marketing of products to meet user and business objectives.

The Company Design System Reality

They’re time-consuming to build and establish.

But once in place can save time, energy and increase communication accuracy.

They take up a lot of development resources.

Ultimately use resource to save resource for all interactions with the brand.

They need to be maintained.

Having a single source to maintain, this will then be easily rolled out across all touch points of the company.

Third party design teams can see them as a threat to their creativity.

Third party teams should benefit from accurate work and less iteration time and increase client satisfaction.

They require stakeholder support to succeed.

Stakeholders change and diverse as well as their KPI's for the business trajectories, design systems keep everyone updated.

The Vision

Imagine a central source of information with the companies mission and values as a marker going forward to better attract qualified leads and interest. Both an on-line and off-line hub for Employees, Clients, Vendors and third-parties to learn and use the Imanpack brand effectively across all channels internally and externally.

Selling the Brand


Imagine prospects and inbounds knowing your company values and strategy for environmentally friendly solutions without continuous explanation.


How by working with the company you make businesses look and perform ethically in an increasingly informed world.


How you set the bench mark for quality and best practice for production solutions.


How Imanpack offers a win win scenario both for the business and customers both financially and sustainably.

Designing for the customers customer
Designing for the customers customer

Solution led problem solving for business success

  • Increase the Marketing & Sales team efficiency by produce scalable assets.
  • Impact on business goals, sales, reports, and analytics through faster more efficient hand-off cycles with better brand experience.
  • Ideally increasing the potential for growth, sales, and analytics trending in the right direction.
  • A successful system will also unify teams creating a healthier work culture, staff retention, a go to tool for recruiting talent and onboarding new staff.
  • Engineering source for version control, consistency, performance, organisation, efficiency, and naming conventions for products.
  • Design teams source for brand aesthetics, typography, colour, user experience, to speed asset creation for business products all whilst staying true to the brands' vision.
  • It requires everyone’s input and support, over time, in different capacities. It will help everyone, and it will help the business, something everyone could be proud of.
Asset Libraries for agency third party design teams
Asset Libraries for agency third party design teams
Responsive scalable business
Responsive scalable business

Winning reasons of a Imanpack design system

  • The design system saves us time and money because we can send-off assets faster on brand.
  • The design system makes us look good because we can release more features and case studies per quarter, which will have a positive impact on sales and retention.
  • The design system sets us apart from our competition because our competition doesn’t have a consistent brand across their digital strategy, so we will stand out from the crowd with a stronger brand and customer experience.
  • Our competitors aren't pushing their brand with a system or publicly sharing their design system. By proceeding with a system would help assist us to recruit higher-caliber qualified customers.
  • Increase the speed of Marketing and Sales through a central source, in turn saving time, resource and increase accuracy for the companies B2B communications

In order for teams to work together to create great products and services, they need a strong foundation to build upon. A solid set of guidelines and principles helps us achieve the cohesiveness, sturdiness, confidence, and scalability we need.

Areas the design system can be implemented


Implementing the brand Internationally

North America

Dedicated brand language for the American Market.
Dedicated brand language for the American Market.


Dedicated brand language for the African Market.
Dedicated brand language for the African Market.


Dedicated brand language for the European Market.
Dedicated brand language for the European Market.

South America

Dedicated brand language for the Latin Market.
Dedicated brand language for the Latin Market.


Dedicated brand language for the Asian Market.
Dedicated brand language for the Asian Market.

Unifying the brand by creating a central source for Sales and Marketing teams, by building a go-to resource to inform our buyers and build brand trust, loyalty and, transparency for the business to scale internationally.

Resource for digital innovation;


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